Meet our archive of speakers from all previous editions.

Aditi Pandit

Principal engineer, Ahana/IBM

Akshay Ram

Sr. Product Manager GKE at Google Cloud

Albert Wong

Developer Advocate @ StarRocks

Ale Murray

Director of Community at Confluent

Alex Merced

Developer Advocate for Dremio

Ali LeClerc

Presto Community Chair & Product Manager at IBM

Andrey Gusarov

Yandex, Senior Data Engineer

Arthur Ansquer

Product Manager at

Arul Jegadish

Co-Founder and CEO of OpsVerse, A DevOps Tools Platform.

Avi Press

Founder & CEO of Scarf

Beinan Wang

Alluxio, Architect

Brian Bickell

VP of Strategy and Alliances, Cube

Cameron Cyr

Staff Data Engineer - Breezeway

Chris Hazard

CTO and co-founder of Howso

Cole Bowden

Developer Advocate, Starburst

Dipesh Mittal

Cofounder & CTO, Doctor Droid

Drew Banin

Co-founder of dbt Labs

Dunith Dhanushka

Senior Developer Advocate at Redpanda

Evan Rusackas

Preset Developer Advocate / Apache Superset PMC

Felipe Mendes

ScyllaDB Solution Architect

Gabor Szarnyas

Developer relations advocate at DuckDB Labs

Gang Tao

Timeplus, CTO

Heather Meeker

General Partner, OSS Capital

Jarek Potiuk

Independent Open-Source Contributor and Advisor

Javier Ramirez

Developer Advocate at QuestDB and all around happy person

Jeffrey Nelson

Google Cloud, Developer Advocate

Jordan Tigani

Duck Herder

Jove Zhong

Cofounder and Head of Product at Timeplus

Juan Luis Cano Rodríguez

Product Manager + Developer Advocate

Julien Jakubowski

Developer Advocate at StreamNative

Jun Rao

Confluent, co-founder

Karin Wolok

Senior DevRel Advisor / Project Elevate

Ken Chen

Timeplus, Chief Architect

Kenaz Kwa

VP of Product and Design at FOSSA

Kyle Cunningham

Sr. Software Engineer

Mary Grygleski

Senior Developer Advocate at DataStax, Java Champion, President of Chicago-JUG

Matt Harrison


Maxime Beauchemin

CEO & Founder at Preset

Michel Tricot

CEO @ Airbyte

Nadine Farah

Dev rel @onehouse; Apache Hudi contributor

Nick Schrock

Founder at Dagster Labs. Creator of Dagster. Co-creator of GraphQL

Pat Nadolny

Meltano, Senior Data Engineer

Pedram Navid

Head of Data Engineering, Dagster Labs

Peter Zaitsev

Percona Founder

Robert Hodges

CEO of Altinity

Roman Shaposhnik

Co-founder of Ainekko, VP of Legal Affairs at the Apache Software Foundation

Ryan Blue

Co-creator of Apache Iceberg, Co-founder of Tabular

Sean Hughes

Co-founder at Evidence

Shirshanka Das

CTO and Co-Founder, Acryl Data

Siddarth Jain

Data driven engineer turned founder

Timothy Spann

Principal Developer Advocate for Data in Motion @ Cloudera

Uma Maheswara Rao Gangumalla

ASF Member, Senior Engineering Manager at Cloudera

Viktoria Ondrejova

Data Analyst Intern, Slido

Zander Matheson

Founder at bytewax