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Senior DevRel Advisor / Project Elevate

Karin is the founder of Project Elevate, a DevRel consulting company. With a decade of experience in community programming, advocacy, and developer relations, Karin has built thriving communities that drive growth and engagement for companies across various industries. As Head of Developer Community at StarTree, Karin played a key role in bringing the company from 0-1 in developer engagement, marketing, community programs, recruiting, and culture development. She also led the community at Neo4j, where she built a thriving community that became one of the unique selling points of the product. Karin has also worked on campaigns for renowned organizations and individuals such as Eminem, Live Nation, Re/Max (real estate), Novartis (pharma), Data Council, and more. With her passion for elevating communities and driving growth, Karin is dedicated to helping companies achieve their DevRel goals through Project Elevate.