Artificial Intelligence is all the rage, largely thanks to generative systems like ChatGPT, Midjourney, and the like. These commercial systems are very sophisticated and powerful, but also a bit opaque if you want to learn how they work or adapt them to your needs. What happens inside the ‘black box’?

Luckily there are open AI models that you can download comfortably, study without restrictions, and adjust so that they do what you want. This requires some technical knowledge, but thanks to Hugging Face’s models and their ecosystem of Python libraries, delving into AI is easier than ever.

You will soon find yourself combining different models, performing different tasks, and creating complex systems. But this complexity can grow very quickly, and soon you’ll find yourself with spaghetti code if you are not careful. By using the Kedro catalog and Kedro pipelines, you will be able to organize the code in no time.