Hello OSA Con attendees! What could be better than hearing the best talks of the year on open source analytics online? Meeting in person! We’re adding an in-real-life meeting on Tuesday 12 December at MUX in San Francisco to continue the discussions about open source, analytics, and AI.

Doors open at 5pm PT in the MUX offices located at 50 Beale Street in San Francisco. After a half-hour of snacks, drinks, and networking, we’ll introduce reps from major open source projects and jump into a series of lightning talks on open source analytics.

Space for presentations is limited so contact us NOW if you want to speak.

In order to attend, when you register for OSACon mark the checkbox stating that you are interested in attending this event. If you had already registered, you will receive an email asking you to RSVP.

See you on December 12th!

p.s., We would like to thank MUX, Inc. for kindly providing the space.